Meeting and support

Registration, transfer, full support

If you need help in making insurance, purchasing airline tickets, searching for accomodation in Israel for further treatment – send a request to our coordinator and we will help you.



You can have a look at a plan of your future trip right now. Upon arrival in Tel Aviv (all main clinics are concentrated here), you will be greeted by our coordinator, who will accompany you throughout the treatment. Depending on a condition, a patient will go to our office or directly to the hotel. We try to make a whole process of treatment as simple and transperant, as possible. That is why a patient pays for a course of treatment after taking an internal consultation with a specialist in Israel. If necessary, the specialist will prescribe all necessary check (diagnostics).


Your personal assistant will tell you about nuances of living in Tel Aviv, will orient you in the city, will provide a SIM card and much more. If the patient is heavy and his family can not provide him with adequate care, we will find a qualified nurse.


Next, the patient goes to the clinic and do some basic analyzes either on the same day or the next one. Depending on a condition, a patient can get tested at home – a nurse from the hospital will come with all necessary equipment.


Our coordinator interprets everything during consultations. When a physician determines treatment strategy, surgery is appointed in 1-14 days (or another conservative treatments).

One Patient Per Course


MedProject1 – is is a guarantee that Israeli specialists will take care of you, because we work with each person individually.


In most cases, we take only one, maximum two people per course, until our patient fully recover and go home healthy and rested. Such a selective approach is driven by our desire to completely control the process of treatment. Most often, MedProject1 organises treatment for people with severe pathologies that require complex treatment strategies.


Postoperative Period


During a postoperative period, when a patient is discharged from a hospital, we can offer naturopathic rehabilitation – it a lifestyle plan, including vitamin therapy, diet therapy, simple and effective exercises for breathing and body.

When our patient goes home, we keep in touch. We give free consultations via skype, if necessary, monitoring the state of our patient.




 After recovery, we offer an entertainment program with tours to Jerusalem, trips to the Dead Sea, hot sulfur springs in the North of Israel, Sea of ​​Galilee. In Israel luxury beaches of the Mediterranian go together with ancient places described in the Bible. Im most cases our patients return, but not for treatment! They come to enjoy the Sea once more!