Full diagnostics

Israel is rightfully occupies a leading position among the countries with the highest level of medical care. You can get a full diagnosis on the technological equipment, and you can be sure that the results are deciphered correctly.

Innovative Design and Technology

Development of Israeli scientists in cardiology, genetics, neurology, ophthalmology, gynecology, and oncology is widely implemented in many clinics. Here are just a few innovations that have earned the respect of the international medical community and are actively used abroad:

  • BioSense Ltd., CARTA & NOGA systems – examines body without X-ray on a 3-D display, allows to examine the organ and do procedures at the same time.

  •  Innovative spectral image technology system SKY TM, SkyVision, and SpectraCube ™, which makes it possible to identify genetic abnormalities.

  • Laser fetal monitoring systems.

  • O-ARM – the most accurate X-ray device in the world

  • Blood Oncology Test Guardant 360, – there is no need to conduct a biopsy.

Gynecological medical centers in Tel Aviv and other cities are trusted due to accuracy of diagnosis and correction of male and female infertility. Israeli pediatricians have huge expirience in diagnosing genetically determined diseases and neurological abnormalities. There are several new developments that allow to diagnose neurological diseases and not making any harm (eg. uMoove Device).

The earlier a problem is properly diagnosed, the more likely a patient is fully recovered. If a physician can not prescribe a treatment and is not sure in a diagnosis, precious time of a patient can run out. Israeli doctors are able to diagnose cancers even before the first manifests of symptoms and irreversible morphological changes of tissues. Detection of the disease in the preclinical stage, in most cases, ensures recovery.

If our patients did not pass a full medical examination at home, necessary studies in Israel will be appointed. It is important that successful treatment of many diseases depends on accuracy of diagnosis and an “age” of a disease.