Choosing a hospital

The work of all hospitals, private and public ones, is strictly controlled by the Ministry of Health.
We cooperate with leading medical institutions of Israel, MedProject1 is a direct representatives of Ichilov Centre, and Assuta Centre, Schneider Med.Cent. and some others.

Ichilov Hospital (Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center)

–  is the main body of the first medical center in Tel Aviv. It is the largest medical state center in the country. It consists of five separate buildings: rehabilitation center for patients after operations and surgeries, Ichilov Clinic for patients older than 18 years, the Institute of cardiology “Sami Ofer”, “Liss”maternity hospital, and “Dana DUEK” Centre where for children and adolescents up to 18 years.


The municipal and governmental Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center supports patients in 170 outpatient clinics and 1,300 hospital beds through 60 departments and institutes (c)*.


Medical staff received education in Europe and the USA, almost all specialists are members of international professional associations.


The center is equipped with the latest medical technologies for surgery. These include “cyber-knife”, the famous robot Da Vinci, “Novalis” system, which has become an innovative breakthrough in neurooncology. Ichilov Centre successfully uses innovative laser therapy equipment, and organ transplants equipment even for bone marrow surgery. The hospital provides a full range of medical services from therapy to neurosurgery.

Center Ichilov-Sourasky has a prestigious international accreditation JCI (Joint Commission International), and is a member of Israel Medical Tourism Association (IMTA).

 Assuta Hospital

It is a network of private hospitals and clinics of 11 branches located in many cities in Israel. As Ichilov Hospital, accredited of JCI, he is a member of IMTA. It is Israel’s largest private clinic, it operates since 1935, ie more than 80 years, though every year begins to use the most innovative technologies.

It is noteworthy that Assuta experts do not support more than 40% of diagnoses in Russia and CIS, when people are coming for the treatment.

The main directions of activity of the center: general surgery, cardiology, gynecology, IVF.

Division of Assuta:

  • Oncology

  • General surgery

  • ECO

  • Cardiac Surgery center

  • Orthopedics

  • Neurosurgery

  • Radiotherapy

  • Center tomography

  • Dialysis Institute

  • Gastroenterology

  • Plastic surgery

Assuta Hospital adheres highest international standards.

Schneider returns childhood!

Schneider Children’s Medical Center – a facility that provides high-quality and modern treatment of children from around the world.

All branches are equipped with modern equipment, allowing to carry out complex operations on eyes, open heart, and kidneys. Achievement Center is the latest method of treating neuroblastoma of children.

The pride of the surgical unit is the latest generation of equipment, providing the possibility of organ transplantation.

The hospital employs polite and caring medical staff, who will make the child’s stay in Schneider as comfortable as possible.

We also cooperate with:

  • Hadassah University Medical Center

  • Medical Center. Rabin

  • Herzliya Medical Center

  • Rambam Health Care Campus

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