Medproject1 Medical Tourism always helps to sellect suitable housing for the patients.

Treatment is often conducted in clinics in Tel Aviv – a business , cultural, industrial and tourism center of the country. The city will satisfy the needs of the most demanding patients. Depending on duration of treatment we offer to stay in different places: be it in 5, 4 star hotels on the main coast city (in the case of a short treatment), or a comfortable house for a big family.

Tel-Aviv is filled with the most luxury hotels of world known brands such as Hilton, Isrotel, Carlton, Herods, Crowne Plaza and man others. They are centrally located, though close to the shore, and propose all the facilities such as SPA and gym for your comfortable stay.

If a patient comes with a family as a support we can offer to stay in a comfortable apartment near clinics. Apartments are equipped with everything you need for stay. If necessary we can arrange extra services such as daily cleaning and nurse service. It should be noted that subsequent tests can be made at home – a specialist will come to you and take a blood test at home, which is very convenient if a patient’s condition does not allow to move easily.

You can learn more about accommodation options form our coordinator who will individually help you choose the most suitable for you accommodation at affordable rates.