Our brain is the most mysterious part of a body. That is why, when a pathology is detected, a surgeon must select the most gentle approach for further treatment. One of the leading experts in this field is Zvi Ram.


World-class specialist


Treating brain and spinal cord abnormalities through surgery is a huge responsibility. Therefore, more and more patients around the world go to Israel to seek advice and treatment from Professor Zvi Ram.


After graduating from university in Maryland, and expanding it by studying in Tel Aviv, Mr Ram began to practice in the “Sheba” (Tel Hashomer).  World-class surgeon started his career in Bethesda, USA. Time has passed and since then the master managed to achieve unprecedented heights and prove his highest professionalism. He has these titles:


  • President of the EANS.

  • Head of the Department of Neurosurgery at Ichilov Hospital.

  • Professor of the Medicine Faculty at Tel Aviv University.

  • Research activity in the field of counseling.

  • Large-scale study of the molecular and gene therapy of cancer.

Many doctors from around the world travel to Israel to have a consultation with Professor Zvi Ram.


He’s a real celebrity in neurosurgery. Anyone can become his patient as the professor remembers Hippocratic oath and he is always ready to help. In case of a brain injury, a congenital abnormality or a tumor Zvi Ram is the best Israeli doctor to address to.


Opportunities of Professional


In addition to standard operations on a brain and a spinal cord (including a removal of tumors), the doctor specialized in following complex procedures:


  • Stereotactic radiosurgery or destruction of tumors and vascular malformations by a directional X-ray. Wherein a radiation dose is high and it operates exclusively on the affected area.

  • Operations with a release of functional brain maps. The procedure is performed while a patient is conscious. In this case the affected areas are visualized and removed safely. This operation is especially effective in epilepsy.

  • Deep Brain Stimulation. The procedure is effective in treatment of Parkinson’s disease and other ailments.

  • Implantation of an electrode will help with epileptic conditions.

  • Bypass surgery for treating hydrocephalus.


Professor Zvi Ram produces almost all types of surgical procedures that are necessary for treating brain and spinal cord pathologies, as well as the peripheral nerves.