Prof. Shmuel Rath

Cardiac Surgery

Cardiac Shmuel Rath – salvation from heart disease


The name of this famous invasive cardiology specialist, talented doctor, the author of the unique and popular technique of catheterization on coronary vessels is well known not only in Israel, his homeland, but throughout a whole medical world.

Shmuel Rath – Professor, for many years he is successfully managing the Department of Coronary Catheterization, minimally invasive cardiology in the «Shiba Tel Ha Shomer» (State Medical Center) and the «Assuta» clinic (a famous private medical center in Israel, of Tel Aviv).


It was among of the first who created, developed, and implemented method of therapeutic and diagnostic catheterization into practical cardiology, and in 1980, for the first time , he held a very complicated and risky surgery using a gentle method – advancement of a catheter in a coronary artery to an operational surgical field on a heart . Successful operation caused huge response as a brand new, innovative technology was used for the first time. It minimized risks of blood loss (as in open-heart). In case of complicated and unclear diagnosis the method was extremely effective. Cardiologists and surgeons specializing in this area finally got the opportunity to reach their pathology, make surgeries, and establish accurate conclusions about cardiac diseases.


Revolutionary, progressive technique allowed Shmuel Rath to organize the Department of Cardiac Catheterization in the Hospital «Shiba Tel Ha Shomer» in 1984. In 1989 he opens a similar compartment with the same unique technology at the chain of private clinics «Assuta».