Prof. Shlomi Konstantini

Children Neurosurgery

Professor Shlomi Constantini is an expert in all kinds of diseases that affect central nervous system of children – brain and the spinal cord.

For more than 16 years he was the head of the neurosurgery department “Dana” Children’s Hospital, which is a part of “Ichilov” Medical Center in Tel Aviv.
Professor Kostantini gives prenatal consultations and treats hydrocephalus, congenital spinal abnormalities, cerebral aneurysm, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord and brain tumors, corrects cranial abnormalities, surgically restores blood vessels, as well as eliminates spasticity by neurosurgical intervention.


Professor Konstantini is the top specialist in neurosurgery in Israel.


Medical experience


1984-1990 – Practice in neurosurgery at “Hadassah” hospital, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem
1993-1996 – senior neurosurgeon, “Hadassah” hospital, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem
1996-2001 – director of the neurosurgery department at “Dana” Children’s Hospital


Scientific activity


  • Brain and spinal cord tumors among children

  • Work with optical fibers in the brain

  • Congenital disorders of the brain and spinal cord among children

  • Neonatal disorders in bone structure

His sphere of professional activity is very broad and covers many areas:


  • Brain tumors,brain stem and cerebellum microsurgery.

  • In this case, surgical treatment is combined with the therapy for tumors of the brain and spinal cord

  • Operations on correcting irregularities in the skull structure, including – its congenital defects, craniosynostosis.

  • Treatment of cranial pathologies – such as Cruzan, Apret and Shotchen syndromes

  • Treatment of Hydrocephalus – via a bypass and endoscopic methods

  • Operations on brain vessels, including – surgical treatment of aneurysms of the brain and spinal vessels

  • Treatment of congenital anomalies of the spinal cord, including Arnold Chiari malformation and syringomyelia

  • Surgical treatment of epilepsy

  • Neurosurgical treatment of increased muscle spasticity

  • Treatment of traumatic brain injury