Prof. Oded Nahlieli


Professor, author of unique techniques and patents in oral and maxillofacial surgery – Oded Nahlieli


The name of the specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery, Israeli Professor Oded Nahlieli, is known far beyond his homeland. The fame of this talented doctor has spread in many European countries, Latin and South America, Asia, Indochina, the Middle East and Russia.


His career began after obtaining a university degree in the city of Jerusalem, in the famous Jewish Medical University. Then Oded Nahlieli stepped on the path of improving professional knowledge and accumulating experience in the field of endoscopic surgery on salivary glands, in the Central Clinic on the basis of Harvard University (Massachusetts, USA). It was time of difficult, though irreplaceable study, he learnt from the masters of facial plastic surgery.


Achievements during 30 years of experience


Years of exceptional hard work, self-improvement in practical front and dental surgery, constant search for new dramatically effective techniques, methods, and technologies, were not lost. During this period he developed and patented a series of modern, universal instruments – endoscopes. Professor writes and publishes scientific research in operative treatment of salivary gland ducts. Doctor Oded Nahlieli creates his own methods for operations on pathological processes of a jaw and a face. Restoration of damaged jaw implants, facial tissues.


  • Professor of Medicine, University of New York (USA) and Ben Gurion (the Israeli city in the Negev).
  • The constant and permanent participant of different conferences and international symposiums. A member of a vast list of associations: – Facial, Dental and Plastic Surgeons of Israel, the same one in America and Europe (EACMFS), and New European Surgical Academy.


To go through treatment in Israel by a doctor of such a high level is unconditional luck as the results of face and jaw operative interference shall be excellent.