Prof. Nir Gidali


Nir Giladi – a specialist in Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, epilepsy


It is difficult to convey in words suffering of people who are struck by Parkinson’s syndrome, cerebral palsy to, violations of a locomotor system, a severe form of epilepsy.

Israeli Professor of Neurology, Medical Doctor Nir Giladi, successfully treating terrible diseases for many years, is widely known in international medical circles. Today, he is a real shiner in the medical world namely practical neurology, the Medical Doctor has high academic degrees, awards in many prestigious international universities and academies.

However his way of becoming a professional with the most difficult missions –healing, was not an easy one.


  • After graduating from a medical institution, he passed military service as an army doctor (1974-1977g.g.);
  • In the early 80’s (. 1983) he brilliantly defended his thesis for the title of Master of Medicine at the Medical University of Ben-Gurion (Beersheba);
  • From 1984 to 1989 – the years of hard and persistent training in hospitals (city of Afula), health centers (Sackler School, Tel-Aviv University), studying at the Columbia University (USA), and Oxford (UK), practice and study of traditional medicine in the treatment of neurological disorders in the First Municipal Hospital (Guanzhou, China);
  • In 1990s (1993-1996) Nir Giladi is improving his skills as the head of Parkinsonism and Locomotor Disorders Department (“Carmel” Hospital);
  • In 1996 Professor was appointed as the Head of the Locomotor Functional Violations Department of prestigious First Medical Center (Tel Aviv);
  • Ln 2007 – Director of the Neurological Department,
  • Now Nir Gidali is in charge of the Center for Treating Parkinson’s disease at the “Carmel” Clinic. He is one of the authors of a unique method used for operations on a spinal cord in Israel – deep brain stimulation (DBS).


Awards, achievements, achievements


Nir Gidali is a Professor, an author of numerous scientific publications, he is actively teaching in Holland, his homeland, the Netherlands, at the Columbia University. He is not only an expert of international level particularly in the field of Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy rehabilitation, various forms of epilepsy, but Dr. Nir Gidali also effectively treats people after a stroke, restores lost motor functions and spastic syndromes with innovative techniques. Prof. Nir Gidali is one of the most experienced professional, constantly searching for new and radical methods of treatment.