Prof. Lior Levinshtein

Genicology, Surgery

Lior Levinshtein, an innovator in the sphere of gynecology


MD, PhD of Medicine Lior Levinshtein specializes in gynecology. He also professionally interests in more specific directions – urological gynecology and surgical gynecology. He is combining his work as the Deputy Head of the Gynecology Department at the “Rambam”, Haifa, with  a professor’s chair in medical faculty of “Technion” Institute (Haifa).


 MD Lior Levenshtein is actively engaged in private practice on urological gynecology.




 In 1997 Lior Levinshtein graduated  from the Medical Faculty of the University of Budapest with honors.


 Inspired by obstetrics and gynecology, as well as problems of treating pelvic organs, he moved to Israel. Here at the “Rambam” Medical Centre he has been specializing in gynecology.


MD Lior Levinshtein thoroughly studied urological gynecology in the United States (Illinois) . Namely in the USA he learnt about possibilities of using robots in surgical treatment of pelvic floor.


 Practical experience


The professor founded urological and gynecological service in the “Rambam” clinic.

He successfully implemented best innovative methods of surgical urology and gynecology, and have made it possible to use robots during gynecological operations, as well as implants in case an urinary system defects.

Dr. Levenshtein put into practice new methods of treating pathology of pelvic organs and entire pelvic areas. Pelvic surgical treatment and gynecological surgery in Israel are considered to be the most advanced in modern medicine all over the world.


 As a result of many years of work in the field of gynecology Lior Levenstein is appointed as the Head of the Women’s Health Center. The Centre consults women on gynecology, it is based on the Israeli National Foundation of Health.


 Scientific achievements


Professor Levinshtein’s scientific work and many years of research in the field of urological gynecology is recognized by his colleagues all over the world as an outstanding contribution to development of gynecological medicine.


The professor works a lot on the problem of pelvic organs recovery using innovative methods.


He is the author of more than a hundred publications in reputable medical journals. Professor Lior Levinshtein has written several chapters in medical books, he regularly contributes with reports on a use of robotics in surgery, he has given lectures at various medical symposiums around the world more than a hundred times!