Prof. Aviram Nissan

Oncological Sugery

Oncosurgeon, Professor Aviram Nissan represents general surgery and successfully carries out practical activity in the study of surgery methods, treating oncology of various organs. He possesses a medical degree, and the highest medical qualification.


 Professor works at the Rabin Clinic, a world-renowned Medical Centre “Assuta”. His experience counts more than 20 years.




Professor Aviram Nissan graduated the Medical University of Jerusalem and completed his residency in the General Hospital “Hadassah”.


The surgeon is constantly working on improving skills. He has chosen oncologic surgery as the main sphere of activity, he has been studying secrets of the profession in various medical institutions all around the world including a famous American Cancer Center Sloan – Kettering.

 He is fluent in Hebrew and English.


 Medical Specialization


 The main directions of Professor Nissan’s activity refer to surgical methods of treating various tumors (both benign and malignant), including minor surgery operations which are less harmful for a body than conventional surgery. A particularly significant achievement of this method is that a surgeon can apply local anesthesia, not a general one.


 A lot of cancer patients went through such gentle treatment in Israel, and now most of them lead their normal life thanks to Dr. Aviram Nissan’s professionalism.


The Professor is successfully teaching at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem at the Department of Oncology, and he is actively engaged in scientific work at the department with successful disciples and followers.


MD Aviram Nissan permanently cooperates with popular and professional medical publications, publishing his scientific works and results of pilot studies.