MD, Jerry Weiss

Plastic Surgery

Meet an outstanding plastic surgeon Jerry Weiss (Israel)


People with congenital deformities of the facial bones, or those who received serious injuries (burns, wounds) always feel moral discomfort in addition to the physical suffering. They have scruples for their repulsive appearance. Similarly, as women which have undergone surgery on breast removing as a consequence of cancer. Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery is extremely helpful in this situations.


Israeli Dr. Jerry Weiss is a unique, skilled professional in this field of medicine. His name is glorified due to operations on implanting facial tissues, nose cartilages, lips and eyelids which seemed to have been lost forever. Scar traces are almost invisible as they are subsequently delicately removed by a laser “scalpel” and collagen medicaments. Dr. Weiss successfully operated the most difficult cases in many clinical hospitals of his homeland as well as abroad.


He is a sought-after international expert. The author of theoretical, scientific books (35), articles and monograms (120). He always attend significant symposiums, maxillofacial and plastic surgery conferences in America, Europe. In addition, the professor teaches in several universities (University of Tel Aviv,  – Highest practical courses on plastic surgery in Israel). Not looking to such busy schedule Weiss conducts daily practices, hours of operation in a private hospital «Gezerli Medical Center».


Medical Doctor Jerry Weiss is working not only with a face but also with reconstructive surgeries on breast  (MONS technology), chest wall deformity, removal of malignant neoplasms on a skin (melanoma and other types of tumor formation), complex combined fractures of hands, phalanges, healing scars after burns.


By now Professor Jerry Weiss is the Head of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Department of the “Ichilov” hospital. People address to the specialist with a confident hope of healing and leave him with happy faces, healthy hands and feet, without deformities, which prevented them from living a full life.




Higher education in the walls of the Medical University in Bologna (Italy). Then there was a great American “school”, both literally and figuratively – «Medical School. Virginia Eastern »(USA, Va.), Internship in the department of ” Kaplan “(surgical treatment of hands, MC ” Ichilov “, Israel).




From 1993 to 2009 Prof. Jerry Weiss is a permanent head the Plastic Surgery Department in the “Ichilov” Hospital. Doctor is an honorary member and presenter of associations of burn, plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, laser medicine, breast reconstruction in Israel, Europe, and America. The head of the Israeli Society for Fight Against Melanoma.