Einat Birk, MD

Child Cardiosurgery

Einat Birk, who has spent so many brilliant heart surgery is known not only among cardiologists and other scientific medical world, but also to general public due to her huge successful practical experience. Especially for those people who desire to cure a child from cardiac abnormalities.


Nowadays her name is known in almost every corner of Israel and even abroad. In 2009, Israeli yearbook “Women of the Year” declared she is one of the 50 most influential women of the State due to her outstanding achievements in pediatric cardiac surgery. She began her way of a healer at the medical faculty of the Tel-Aviv University. Then there were numerous years of internships, persistent improvement of surgery skills. Skills of a professional child surgeon. She has worked with such medical centers as:


Pediatric Stanford University at (USA);

Pediatric Cardiology Center of University of California, San Francisco, USA.


Since 2005 she has been the head Pediatric  Institute of Heart Disease under the “Schneider” Medical Center. Her talented hands remember the tiny lumps of heart, which she saved from inevitable death in the most complicated and unique operations such as heart transplantation.

Her list of operations is filled with the most difficult surgeries: implantation of defibrillators, replacement of valves with artificial vascular catheters, removal of partition defects, treatment of trachea of a newly born baby. Doctor Birk’s modern methods of treatment are successfully used by her colleagues and students in many Cardiovascular Surgery clinics.


Einat believes that thousands and thousands of hot thanks and prayers for her health is the biggest reward for her difficult, but important labour.