Dr. Pepper Rafael

Oncology, Radiotherapy

Dr. Pepper Rafael is an oncologist, radiation therapy specialist known not only in Israel, but throughout the world as one of the best oncologists.


After graduating from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he chose “Radiology” specialization, improving his skills in radiation therapy while studying in the United States (at the Universities of Harvard and Michigan).


Professional activity – 25 years of Work Experience


Between late – 1990s and 2010 he had been working at  in the Radiology Department at the Medical Center “Sheba” located in Ramat Gan. Thanks to Dr. Rafael Pepper’s efforts this department has become one of the best among similar ones around the world.


Since 2010, Dr. Pepper has been working in the Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery Department of the “Assuta Hospital” in Tel – Aviv – Israel’s leading private medical center. Over the last years he has been a leading expert in oncology at the Medical Center. Patients of the Oncological Department from around the world which came to Israel for Dr, Pepper’s treatment are very grateful for his help.


Dr, Rafael Pepper successfully combines practical work with teaching at the Department of Clinical Oncology at the University of Tel – Aviv.


 Scientific Activity


For many years Dr. Pepper has been making researches in the field of oncology, studying selective influence of therapeutic agents to the tumor, without threatening healthy organs. Dr. Pepper, together with his colleagues – oncologists has been developing new methods of treating various types and forms of cancers, studying optimal use of drugs in combination with effects obtained by radiotherapeutic  exposure. The doctor also made a huge study about responses of malignant tumors to radiation. The work resulted in 80 scientific articles published in specialized medical journals.