Dr. Nahshon Rand

Spinal Surgery

Nahshon Rand – Israeli Spine Surgeon


Leading expert in making minimally invasive operations on a spinal cord and column.


The name of the specialist which entitles this article, is known far beyond the borders of his homeland. It is difficult to find a more knowledgeable and experienced doctor in the field of spinal surgery. He is the lead clinical surgery of the highest qualification at the private medical center “Assuta”. His specialization is very wide, he perfectly conducts different surgeries – neurosurgeries, implantation of intervertebral discs, surgical treatment of vertebral hernia, orthopedic surgeries. In his medical practice he uses unique methods of treating rheumatoid symptoms, deformed discs, scoliosis and kyphosis of children, traumatic injuries, and tumor spinal blastomas, spinal degenerative problems (distortion).


Start of Career Path


After the excellent graduation (Jerusalem, Jewish State University), Nahshon Rand passes and finishes residency (orthopedics) in the “Hadassah” Medical Center. Over the next two years he trained in surgery of spinal diseases, spinal pathology at the Medical University named after Vanderbilt in the USA.


Awards and Achievements


The Israeli Association of orthopedics and spine diseases – an honorary member;

He is an active participant of Orthopedic Research Society of Israel;

He was awarded with the title of honorary member of the International Society for Medical Innovation and Technology for his methods of treatment and surgeries on a spine and a spinal cord.


Treatment of the unique doctor, Nahshon Rand , is a real chance for many people suffering from spine problems to recover.