Dr. Irina Stephansky


Leading oncologist, MD Irina Stephansky currently holds the position of Head of an oncological department at the Ichilov Hospital, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. Under her leadership, it is the day inpatient oncology department.


Parallel to this, she copes with the duties of the Deputy Director of the Oncology Department of worldwide famous professor Moshe Enbar.


Medical Specialization


Irina Stephansky is rightly called an oncologist with a worldwide reputation. She adheres to newest standards on diagnosis and treatment of different cancer diseases. In practice, she widely uses the latest developments of the medical industry. She is actively involved in improving effectiveness of oncology treatment.


The doctor has a vast experience in treating various oncological conditions: early and late-stage breast cancer, tumor formation in a digestive system, liver and kidneys, all stages of lung cancer and urological tumor diseases. Irina Stephansky widely uses palliative care in her practice.


Education and Training


The doctor graduated from the Belarus “Grodno State Medical University” with Medical Degree. Then she finished her residency training in the Sackler Division – Oncology Institute under the Tel Aviv University.


This Irina Stephansky has not stopped. She went on gaining important medical experience in various internships and courses to improve her medical skills in countries such as Germany, Israel, Russia and the United States of America.


Professional Activity


Irina Stephansky begins her career in a therapeutic department in a Tel Aviv clinic. In 2005, she specializes on oncology, and five years later (in 2010) becomes the leading oncologist of the “Ichilov” Medical Centre.


Throughout the time the doctor has been doing practical researching in oncology. This allowed her to change her medical practice for better.


The results of researches are more than 60 theoretical articles published in prestigious international medical journals. Her works are represented in dozens of specialized conferences in various countries.


Irina Stephansky’s scientific activity is evaluated as a significant contribution to development of world medical cancer science.


Membership In Associations


Dr. Irina Stephansky  is a member of several huge international organizations. First of all, she belongs to the Israel Medical Association of Doctors, and Israeli Association of Oncology and Radiotherapy.


At the international level, she can be proud of being member of ASCO – American Society of Clinical Oncology. It allows her to borrow and to share latest trends in treating cancer diseases.


She is also a member of the prestigious European Society of Medical Oncology.

Access to the world’s knowledge gives her excellent command of English and Russian languages, as well as Hebrew.