Dr. Eric Finkelstein


Dr. Erik Finkilshteyn is a cardiologist specialist, one of the best Israeli experts on cardiac catheterization.


Interventional Cardiology (catheterization, cardiac rhythm drivers, electrophysiology). Dr. Erik Finkilshteyn is a head of the cardiac catheterization department, at cardiology department “Ichilov” hospital. He gives lectures worldwide on topics related to heart valves.


He brilliantly performs heart catheterization procedure, which is one of the most modern and effective means of diagnosing and treating a variety of cardiac diseases.

Not long ago, Dr. Erik Finkilshteyn took part in the sensational heart valve transplantation. This intervention was characterized by two factors:


•a 80-year-old patient was implanted a children valve.

• Revolutionary, least invasive approach – a procedure was performed through a minimal ribs incisions. Innovation and commitment to excellence – is the highest expertise of any doctor.


All kinds of cardiac catheterization require high qualifications and experience, which Israeli surgeons have in excess. It attracts many thousands of patients suffering from various heart diseases to have treatment in Israel. The professor also widely uses visualizing method in the diagnosis and less invasive ways of access during cardiac interventions. Dr. Erik Finkilshteyn has made more than a thousand of operations to restore the hearts of many people to its former strength and health.


Diagnostic catheterization

Diagnostic catheterization is performed in the laboratory, in the following cases:


  • The need for coronary artery disease diagnosis

  • Heart muscle diseases

  • Congenital heart defects, heart valve defects