Diane Maciejewski, MD


Diane Maciejewski is a leading specialist of the Radiotherapy Institute , oncologist specializing on women’s health.


Experience Dr. Diane Maciejewski in the field of radiology is more than 39 years of constant practice, so people from all over the world come to Israel in order to be treated personally by the Doctor.


39 years of Experience


The doctor received her medical education at the Riga Medical Institute, in 1975 she completed an internship in general surgery, a few years later (1981) she got her qualification in the direction in which she is still engaged – surgical oncology and orthopedics. Clinical experience of MD Maciejewski  is enormous, she began to operate in 1974. For three decades, the doctor has been treating and operating patients in many medical institutions, including City Oncology Center in Riga (1987-1991), Sourasky Institute of Oncology in Israel (1992).


Since 2001, Diane Maciejewski has been working as a senior physician at Sourasky Institute of Oncology (Ichilov). She is constant member of many professional medical associations such as Israeli Society for Clinical Oncology and Radiation Therapy, The Israel Cancer Association, as well as the National Oncologists Association.


We are proud to cooperate with such an outstanding expert, Diane Maciejewski.


The main areas in which the doctor works:


  • Radiotherapy

  • Oncocaradiology

  • Oncohematology

  • Treatment of breast cancer

  • Treatment of gynecological tumors including tumors of malignant nature (uterus, cervical, ovarian carcinoma)


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