Pediatric oncology

Treatment and diagnosis of child cancer in Israel

 Today more and more people are faced with a terrible diagnosis – cancer. Fortunately, at the moment all over the world are actively introducing new tools for the diagnosis and treatment of this disease. Today we talk about advanced methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of people with cancer in Israel. Touch on pediatric oncology, as well as talk about some innovative methods of treatment used in the State of Israel.

Cancer diagnostics in Israel

Everyone knows how important is the timely diagnosis of cancer to the effectiveness of treatment of the patient. That is why the doctors in Israel hit a record performance for the treatment of cancer. Cancer cells are characterized by their ability to hit fast healthy, so the presence of cancers is threatened the entire body. That is why the diagnosis of cancer in Israel is complex. In this case, carefully followed all the important requirements: examination with the use of innovative methods of diagnosis, fence specialized analyzes biopsy instrument diagnostics.

What features complete diagnosis of cancer abroad?

  • The medical centers Israeli blood ranked according to different principles: exist, including a blood test for the detection of cancer cells in the body. At the biochemical processing of such assays can accurately identify the stage of the cancer and to develop an individual treatment program.

  • In a study in Israel for the presence of cancers also takes into account the data obtained during endoscopy of the internal organs. This procedure is always carried out with the use of innovative equipment, it is completely painless, with high diagnostic accuracy.

  • The diagnostic centers in Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities claimed methods of ultrasound, X-ray, radioisotope, magnetic resonance examination.

Advantages of complex innovative cancer detection

First of all, these techniques make it possible to prevent the risks of delaying disease (move it at a later stage), because of the mobility of diagnosing everybody wins: both patient and doctor.

Many methods, such as positron emission tomography, are very susceptible to the manifestation of symptoms of cancer even at the level of occurrence of cancers of several millimeters.

Another important factor is the comfort of the patient: in Israel, examination of the body for cancer is virtually painless procedure which is extremely useful if we are talking about children.

 Through continuous and dedicated work of doctors of Israel today and creatively reworked accumulated experience in treating a variety of childhood illnesses. Israel today is considered as the world leader in the field of medicine, a network of health care covers the entire country of Israel. Clinics and hospitals in Israel are taking thousands of patients, both from Israel and from other countries around the world.

Hospitals in Israel are united territorial medical centers, each of which has its own children’s department. For example, in Tel Aviv Medical Center Ichilov working with Dana Children’s Hospital. The largest and most well-known is also the center Schneider, Sheba, a children’s hospital complex Safra, specializing in pediatric cardiology and oncology. The huge success of Israeli medicine has achieved in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of children with cancer.

By cancer or cancers include cancers arising from the growth and multiplication of cancer cells in various organs. In children, the most common cancer is leukemia or blood cancer, brain tumor and lymph nodes. Children also suffer from cancer of the nervous system, kidneys, bones, reproductive organs. The disease manifests itself in children as young as four – seven years, mostly in boys.

Medicine Israel attaches great importance to the survey of children and early diagnosis of cancer. For the diagnosis and treatment of cancer we use the most advanced achievements of the world of medicine – modern machinery and equipment, new products, proven and reliable treatments. Psychologists and doctors, qualified staff of hospitals and specialized clinics work with ill children. Because of this, more than seventy percent of children with cancer can be cured of cancer. That is the result statistics experts oncology department at Children’s Hospital Dan.

Israeli special clinics equipped with a huge range of modern gadjets for the early diagnosis of cancer, in particular, the computer, or positron emission tomography, magnetic resonance tomography, allowing an accurate picture of the disease, the correct diagnosis and determine the type, the type and duration of treatment. For the correct diagnosis also using blood and tissue using the latest technology to detect cancer and genetic research is conducted. Treatment of childhood cancer based on the use of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery and bone marrow transplantation. Medicine Israel gives hope and return the lost health of children.