Pediatric Neurosurgery

Neurology – what do Israeli surgeons treat?

Every year pediatric neurosurgeons in Israel carry out more than 350 complex operations. About twenty percent of the little patients are from other countries. The list of services and clinics is wide enough. It includes:

  • microsurgery of brain tumors in a cerebellum, a brain and a brain stem;

  • reconstruction of cranial malformations, including Crouzon syndrome and Apert syndrome;

  • surgical repair of blood vessels and cerebral aneurysms;

  • treatment of congenital anomalies of a spine;

  • treatment of hydrocephalus using neuroendoscopy;

  • treatment of head injuries;

  • treatment of spina bifida;

  • neurosurgical treatment of spasticity and birth defects;

  • brain endoscopy used for diagnose and treat;

  • multidisciplinary treatment of nervous and skin diseases.

Treatment in Israel is at such a high level thanks to professionally trained specialists and the most modern equipment, technology and research, which almost never stop.

Tumor Microsurgery

Microsurgery of brain tumors and tumors of a skull base of children include:

– Vascular surgery of aneurysms and vascular malformations;

– Pituitary surgery;

– Surgery of the spinal cord segments (vertebral transplants, implants and other techniques for fusing avertebrae);

– Treatment of spinal defects;

– Surgery of peripheral nerves and brachial plexus;

– Functional neurosurgery.

Neurosurgical oncology

In close cooperation with neurooncology, neuroradiology and surgeons in Israel clinics provide the most comprehensive range of services for diagnosis and treatment of children with brain tumors. Pediatric neurosurgeons in Israel use in practise various technologies: intraoperative navigation, intraoperative cortical mapping and intraoperative MRI – the most modern methods to achieve the best results even in severe cases.

Diagnosis and treatment of infant brain cancer 

To diagnose cancer at a very early stage and to carry out further effective treatment in Israeli hospitals, following methods are used:
Computed tomography of a brain – a safe diagnostic technique that allows to obtain full information about the state of the body and analyze it using computer technology;
Pneumography – implementation of contrast medium (in this case – air) into a cavity of abrain ventricle;
Neurosonography – ultrasound through expansion between bones of a skull (fontanelles), used for diagnosis of tumors in infants;
Hearing, coordination, tactile sensation and reflexes examination.
Brain biopsy in pediatric neurosurgery applied in exceptional cases, due to invasiveness of a procedure and likelihood of adverse effects including seizures.

Surgical treatment of scoliosis

Scoliosis treatment in Israel in clinics is recommend in its advanced stage (III-IV degree), as well as if scoliosis progresses rapidly. Despite the fact that the most effective surgical treatment of scoliosis is installation of special spine implants (metal ones), children’s neurosurgery in Israel considers it ineffective and dangerous. The spine of a child continues to grow, and installation of an implant may lead to even more serious violations. The solution was the one-stage correction of a deformity of aspine and its dynamic fixation by installing special endocorrector. This design does not interfere with the development of a child’s body.