A Way to Treat Cancer

Cancer Vaccination

Vaccination generates an immune response as a result of implementing microorganisms or their proteins. However, it was found that our immune system is able to elicit protective mechanisms against cells with abnormality, damages, diseases, and even cancer.

Search for a cure against cancer led researches of anti-cancer vaccines. This area has been called innovative. And it is actively implemented in medical practice. The first state, which allowed the widespread use of a vaccine for cervical cancer among women was Israel.

 Operating principle of a cancer vaccine

Biotherapeutic cancer vaccine is efficient in preventing cancer.

Conventional as well as cancer vaccines contribute to production of specific plasma cells with antibodies for each type of infection. For these purposes, weakened forms of antigens are injected into specific way or another pathogen.

Under the influence of vaccines immune system produces a greater number of T-cells that are able to recognize the pathogen and if it appears once more they activate an immune response.

Keytruda – Drug Healing Cancer

In 2014 last clinical testing of the drug, which once again confirmed its high efficiency in the fight against melanoma, was completed. All documents about the drug were immediately sent to the FDA for approval. There it was granted a wide application for treatment, which at the moment is carried out in clinics in Israel.

FDA called Keytruda Medicine as “medical breakthrough” for its inimitable effect in reducing risks and improving effectiveness of treating severe and rare diseases. This medication has also been listed in priority review, enabling patients to receive high-quality treatment, even when drug tests have not been completed.

Radiotherapeutic Irradiator vs Cancer

The most effective and safest radiotherapeutic irradiator

The Israeli hospitals have a unique advanced radiotherapeutic irradiator. The innovative linear accelerator used in the irradiation of cancer patients has the highest precision the impact that allows to reduce the side effects to the most minimal phenomena. For cancer patients the irradiator has many advantages.

Computer system using the Monte Carlo method, calculates the area of exposure most closely, allowing work directly to the affected tissue. As a result, it applied the minimum damage to neighboring organs and tissues of the patient. Cancer treatment is carried out most successfully, reducing the recovery period.


A revolutionary method of treatment and diagnosis of cancer – POSITRON EMISSION TOMOGRAPHY

Cancer treatment requires constant improvements in technology. Scientists around the world every day to develop new effective techniques that contribute to a successful fight against disease.

In Israel, for the treatment of tumors is widely used innovative imaging technology for cancer.

Visualization is carried out using a special apparatus – positron emission tomography. The device serves to provide physicians an accurate and detailed information on the state of internal organs and tumors and tissues of the human body.

NaNose – Sniffing Cancer

Israeli medicine is always at the forefront of treating the most severe diseases, a recognized world leader which applies latest technological inventions in everyday practice.

One of the most interesting nano inventions of recent years has been development of a system for diagnosing cancer tumors in a neck, a head and lungs. This group of cancer includes:

  • Oropharynx (the tumor affects the base of a tongue, soft palate, rear and side walls of a pharynx);
  • Thyroid;
  • Brain;
  • Entire dento-facial systems.

The author of an invention named NA – NOSE ( “artificial nose”), is a professor at the University of Haifa – Hosam Haik. A whole team of physicians and scientists of the Engineering Chemistry Faculty of the Israel Institute of Technology have been working on the creation of the device.

Sarcoma Treatment in Israel



This disease is characterized as a derivative of a malignant tumor, which, unlike other types of cancer, reborn from connective tissue cells. In accordance with the location of tissue, we can distinguish bone sarcoma, vessels, cartilage, fat soft tissues sarcoma. In the majority of cases the causes of this disease remain unclear, but in some situations we can talk about radiation or genetic nature of tumor.

This disease has no age restrictions. It is noted that aggressive types as Ewing’s sarcoma and osteosarcoma usually are diagnosed among children. Leiomyosarcoma, chondrosarcoma are common among adults.

Cutting Cancer – Innovative Cyber Knife

Innovative technology treatment of brain tumors: Gamma Knife, CyberKnife

Modern methods of treatment of brain cancer has become much more effective and painless. Today, the most popular are technologies such as gamma knife and cyber knife, successfully treating malignant and benign tumors.

Effective treatment of brain cancer – GammaKnife.

Gamma Knife radiosurgery technology relates to the treatment of cancer. When used, the tumor is irradiated with gamma radiation, substantially without affecting cancer cells unaffected. This procedure refers to a minimally invasive technology that helps the most hard-to-reach tumors. Apply it to treat tumors up to 3.5 cm.