Neurology and Neurosurgery

Treatment of brain cancer in Israel

Gliadel Drug Against Cancer

Israeli experts say that most of patients who immediately came for treatment after they found clinical evidence of malignant tumors in the brain, have been cured completely. To eliminate tumor, conventional measures are used:

  • Surgery
  • Radiotherapy
  • Chemeotherapy

Israeli oncologists use unique individual schemes of treatment depending on each case. An individual approach to each patient in many ways provides the effectiveness of therapy.

Indications for chemotherapy and especially in neurological oncology

Chemotherapy is usually applied to patients:

  • On postoperative phase of treatment. With its help doctors prevent recurrent exacerbation. It is considered that combination of radiation and chemotherapy helps to significantly increase length and quality of life for patient with cancer;
  • During repeated growth of the tumor and metastases.

Chemotherapy does not always produce the desired effect. Chemotherapy performed on time gives good results for following types of cancer:

  • Ependymoma;
  • Aggressive gliomas;
  • Relapse of meningioma;
  • Oligodendroglioma;
  • Primitive neuroectodermal tumor, their relapse among children;
  • Spinal cord tumors of children;
  • Early stage of lymphoma CNS;
  • Relapse of brain tumor (metastasis) of any dislocation.


Absence of the desired result in all other cases is often attributed to influence of a natural filter that prevents ingress of drug compounds in an affected area of a brain. Only certain substances that are necessary for brain functioning can penetrate through it. Therefore, in many cases, preference is given to radiation therapy and surgical elimination of tumor before chemotherapy.

Modern approaches to the treatment of cancer in Israel

Recent developments, widely used today in clinics of Israel, allow to bypass the natural filter. Improved medications are introduced directly into the CSF fluid that is in our brain and spine. This allows the drug to work productively on malignant tumors, destroying them. In addition, at the same time Israeli specialists apply additional therapy – intravenous infusion through a port, and in the case of children, orally.

Also, when glioblastoma is removed, Israeli doctors effectively use Gliadel.

This is a disc implant containing active substance – carmustine. It is considered as alkylating (introducing an alkyl radical into a compound) drug that have anti-tumor effect. It is carried out by connecting DNA threads causing malfunctions of synthesis of nucleic acid and cellular proteins. All this allows to slow down separation of tumor cells. This drug is considered to be an indispensable tool that allows to reduce risk of tumor relapse in the future.

The use of Gliadel is permitted and approved by FDA. It is recommended to use Gliadel in combination with surgery and radiation. Each plate of the drug has a size of a small coin, and dissolves slowly, releasing the drug for several weeks.

Upon completion of all procedures, Israeli oncologists prescribe supportive care to patients. Most commonly they use drugs that can alleviate patients’ condition. Babies and children go through regular monitoring and pediatric cardiologist consultations after the therapy.

Important! Chemotherapy often causes significant harm to reproductive system. Only the experience of experts can help to minimize possible irreparable deviation of fertility later.