Robot Will Cure Back

Mazor Robot Assists Surgeons In Israel

Israeli medicine achievements impress doctors and patients worldwide.

One of the latest achievements in the field of spinal surgery was the invention of Israeli specialists from Mazor Robotics Company, it is robot – assistant. It helps obtaining more accurate results in operations on a spine. The invention was awarded a certificate for impressive results obtained from the robot participating in corrective spinal surgery, and reducing the amount of X-ray examination to the fantastic figure – 80%. Israeli medical centers and clinics have implemented a new method of carrying out operations on a spinal column with assisting Mazor robots.

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The obvious advantage of using robots for operations on the spine is that the level  accuracy is so high that it cannot be obtained by human surgeons, in this case only high-technology robot can such accurate results of operation. In contrast to operations carried out by surgeons almost blindly, robots are virtually error-free. In addition, the robot has been successfully used for the preliminary examination of a patient, allowing a more detailed plan for the upcoming operation.

Bioweld – unique technology of connecting tissues without scars

Israeli medical technology has always been progressive. Recently, little-known company IonMed with two brothers as its founders – Amnon and Ronen Lam, offered the world a unique device that can “sew” serious surgical wounds without bioresorbable thread using the BioWeld Tube in conjunction with a surgical glue (butyl-2-cyanoacrylate) in performing sutureless venous microanastomoses.

This unique advanced technology has opened shiny skyline for surgery. A unique device – BioWeld, contacting with surgical wound anastomoses it, virtually reducing development of scar tissue. This device will be used during all cesarean section, gradually it will become an indispensable tool for all cosmetic surgeons. It will be also useful for treatment of patients with burn wounds.


Find Cancer On Time

Guardant 360 Testing

This unique test made a biopsy optional. It can detect presence of cancer cells using their identifying gene. Statistics show that in 97% the results of test coincided with the data obtained during a complex biopsy. In average 3.3 mutations were identified for 1 patient. Medical check conducted with the test, helps to identify malignant tumors of various types. In particular, cancer:

  • Kidneys
  • Lungs
  • Bladder
  • Pancreas
  • Breast
  • Stomach
  • Brain
  • Uterine cervix
  • Prostate
  • Skin

This list of cancer types, detected by the test Guardant 360, is not exhaustive, scientists continue collect the data in the course of global clinical trials.

Test Advantages

One of the best ways to cure cancer, is to find it as early as possible. Everyone knows that the most aggressive forms of cancer can be cured if detected at a very early stage of development. The main problem is that the disease, in most cases, is developing for a long time without any signs, or hiding behind usual discomforts. Test Guardant 360 allows any person to take the test and find in time if he has malignant cells in the body.

Guardant Health specialists using innovative technologies made a genomic study of cells called  “Digital Sequence.” It allows physicians to detect even single molecules with 100% accuracy, as these molecules are involved in tumor genomic changes. These moving cancer cells are able to enter blood even after surgical removal malignancy, and further therapy. Using tests developed by Guardant Health, Israeli experts reveal presence of cancer without painful biopsies.

Triguard protects brain from stroke

TriGuard Cerebral Protection Device

Normal brain activity is the main key to human livelihoods, so its preservation is main task of medical staff during necessary medical procedures. The newest and by far the world’s only device which is able to provide protection of vessels in a brain during surgical intervention in cardiac vascular system was developed by the Israeli Company – Keystone, they named it Trigard.

The first tests of a new device were carried out by experts – researchers from Yale University (USA). 83 patients participated in the test. Test showed record increase (55% of total number of participants) of patients without ischemic brain damages which increase a risk of stroke and dementia on many times.

This unique device is being tested clinically in health centers and hospitals in Israel, as well as in European clinics. Ongoing research is needed to develop common standards of Trigard preset during operations on valves of a heart and its vessels.

During stenting operation the device is mounted at desired location of an aorta by a catheter with a diameter of 3 mm. Stenting is performed by accessing the femoral artery through only one port of the two. Thus a need for additional, third puncture is eliminated.

Studying the results, it was found that a scale of brain lesions when applying Trigard decreased on 90% compared with a modern conventional  – unprotected procedure.

A Way to Treat Cancer

Cancer Vaccination

Vaccination generates an immune response as a result of implementing microorganisms or their proteins. However, it was found that our immune system is able to elicit protective mechanisms against cells with abnormality, damages, diseases, and even cancer.

Search for a cure against cancer led researches of anti-cancer vaccines. This area has been called innovative. And it is actively implemented in medical practice. The first state, which allowed the widespread use of a vaccine for cervical cancer among women was Israel.

 Operating principle of a cancer vaccine

Biotherapeutic cancer vaccine is efficient in preventing cancer.

Conventional as well as cancer vaccines contribute to production of specific plasma cells with antibodies for each type of infection. For these purposes, weakened forms of antigens are injected into specific way or another pathogen.

Under the influence of vaccines immune system produces a greater number of T-cells that are able to recognize the pathogen and if it appears once more they activate an immune response.

Modern treatment of bone fractures by using polymers

 In December 2014, doctors in Israel revolutionize treatment of bone fractures. Surgeons of orthopedic department of the Rambam hospital, located in Haifa, managed to successfully carry out an operation on a pathological fracture of a forearm. Malignant tumor metastasized, which caused damage of bone tissues.

Within surgery strategy, surgeon made a small incision in the skin, and laid to the site of the fracture an elastic balloon. This balloon contained a special substance, which can fix a bone under the influence of certain factors. This factor is a special light beam, and the finest fiber is used as a conduit for it.

Advantages of the new method of fracture treatment.

Due to the fact that operation is performed under local anesthesia, it takes less time than traditional surgery in which a surgeon uses a variety of metal fittings to fix a bone.

The new technology of fracture healing is as reliable and secure as traditional technique.

Its strength is that it reduces risks of postoperative complications. It also minimizes risks of infection and manifestation of side effects from anesthesia, as it is not required to produce general anesthesia, which eliminates a possibility of falling into a coma and so on.

Keytruda – Drug Healing Cancer

In 2014 last clinical testing of the drug, which once again confirmed its high efficiency in the fight against melanoma, was completed. All documents about the drug were immediately sent to the FDA for approval. There it was granted a wide application for treatment, which at the moment is carried out in clinics in Israel.

FDA called Keytruda Medicine as “medical breakthrough” for its inimitable effect in reducing risks and improving effectiveness of treating severe and rare diseases. This medication has also been listed in priority review, enabling patients to receive high-quality treatment, even when drug tests have not been completed.

Unique method of cetheterization

Portico Transcatheter Valve System

Among all the achievements of modern medicine there are several, the introduction of which not only supports human health, but also prolongs his life. Smooth running our main “engine” guarantees a support of all life systems, and coordinated work of the whole organism.

For a long time, cardiology was associated with many hours of open heart surgery under general anesthesia for restoration of normal heart functioning. However 100% success of its outcome was not guaranteed. During an operation a surgeon has to install a valve in its right place with a jeweler’s precision. If it was installed incorrectly, a specialist was not able to correct it any more, the operation wouldn’t give the expected effect, rehabilitation process instead of an expected positive result could get out of control and cause complications.

Israeli doctors worked hard for several years to find an optimal alternative for heart valve replacement, and most recently, their efforts were successful.

A few years ago Israely surgeons and scientist presented Portico  transcatheter valve system.

The first operation using valve “Portico” was held in Tel – Aviv in February 2014, in a Medical Center Ichilov, by the head of catheterization department – Dr. Ariel Finkelstein.



The pride of the Israeli cardiologists is their ability to carry out bypass surgery using a special soluble stent.

At first such a revolutionary surgery was conducted by surgeons of the hospital “Kaplan”, located in Rehovot, in order to save the life of 58-year-old patient.

The stent used for surgery promotes proper functioning of an artery. Once artery work will be adjusted, the stent completely dissolves without a trace, and without causing any side effects.

As the country’s leading cardiologists say, this method is a true revolution in the world of treating heart diseases. Operation made in this way ensures a quick and painless recovery.


In 2011, this technology was not an idea only. Professor Bier, the director of the Rambam Hospital in Haifa, noted that we need more time to bring this idea to life. But in less than three years, cardiac surgeons managed to carry out all necessary tests and started applying the procedure with soluble stent grafting in Israeli hospitals, including such well-known ones as “Sheba” and “Hadassah”.

Heart surgeon had to make painstaking and complex work. It was necessary to achieve the required endurance of a stent so that it can withstand the pressure inside an artery, and to pick up the materials that can be safely dissolved after fulfilling its function to prevent the inflammatory process.

Sound Magic: the newest ultrasonic scalpel

This innovative device developed by Israeli scientists and physicians, for the first time was implemented into practice in the largest Israeli private med. centre  “Assuta”. The scalpel was designed for operating spines. Ultrasonic scalpel performs incisions using sound waves (frequency of 22.5 kHz).

Thus soft tissue integrity is preserved much better, though the device is oriented for dense tissue like bones and vertebrae. Thus, muscle tissue, tendons, nerves and blood vessels remain intact. It is especially important that during operations the spinal cord remains absolutely intact, although in ordinary operations on a spine such risks always potentially exist.

How does it work?

This instrument is extremely accurate, it works very quickly and efficiently, substantially reducing the degree of risk during surgery. Linear vibration goes on a blunt blade; whereby super precision osteotomy is performed. However, special liquid for humidification and cooling scalpel is constantly supplied through the ultrasonic blade even when it is immersed in tissues. This technology allowed to considerably reduce operation time (30 to 120 min., depending on the complexity of the procedure).