About Us

Dr. Levit Medical Tourism Company reprsent Israeli medecine worldwide


We work with leading experts in neurology, neurosurgery, cancer treatment, and cardiology. Our Company has 19 years of expirience with patients (mostly parents with special children) coming from broad. Medproject1 team helps people all around the world to get treatment in Israel. We are direct representatives of the best Israeli medical centres such as Ichilov and Assuta Medical Centres for many years.



We offer premium medical services such as treatment and diagnostics in the best medical centres of Israel, equipment and innovative technologies of Israeli scientists, postoperaive rehabilitation of patients, and a unique technology of rehabilitation and tretment of children with autism, development delay and hyperactivity syndrome.


Israely climate is ideal for treatment and rehabilitation of patients with cancer. The air is dry and full of iodine. It helps to heal the wounds and eases a rehabilitation period. The location of Israel as well as its ancient culture contributes to healing severe diseases such as cancer.


Onclology treatment in Israel costs a few times less than in European countries. The level of medecine is one the same level as in the USA, but prices differ drematically. Thus, a price for bone marrow transplantation in Israel is 58% lower than in The US, for coronary bypass surgery – 83% lower, for IVF – 70% (15 000 $ less). Israeli hospitals has the highest persentage of people treated from cancer in the world (for example, 95% of women with breast cancer in Israel have stable remission)! 


Medical tourism in the country is very developed, more than 30 000 foreign patients come to Israel every year. There are many companies that organize treatment for those in need. What makes us different from the rest? 


  • You can get treatment by a doctor, that you choose yourself.

  • If needed, a patient can choose a hospital as well, though we give you all information and recommendations.

  • Early treatment. Some specialists in Israel have very long queues for their examination – up to a few months. Medproject1 organizes urgent visits to a specialist and further treatment (including surgury) by leading experts without a queue. 

  • Complete confidentiality. 

  • Reasonable prices for medical treatment. You do not overpay for the treatment, because you pay for it directly in a medical centre itself with prices set by the Israeli government. Support and our other services are paid separately.

  • Individual approach. We do not work with a big influx of patients. We are conducting only one – two patients at the same time to give them maximum support and organize the best option of treatment and rehabilitation.