Modern treatment of bone fractures by using polymers

Modern treatment of bone fractures by using polymers

 In December 2014, doctors in Israel revolutionize treatment of bone fractures. Surgeons of orthopedic department of the Rambam hospital, located in Haifa, managed to successfully carry out an operation on a pathological fracture of a forearm. Malignant tumor metastasized, which caused damage of bone tissues.

Within surgery strategy, surgeon made a small incision in the skin, and laid to the site of the fracture an elastic balloon. This balloon contained a special substance, which can fix a bone under the influence of certain factors. This factor is a special light beam, and the finest fiber is used as a conduit for it.

Advantages of the new method of fracture treatment.

Due to the fact that operation is performed under local anesthesia, it takes less time than traditional surgery in which a surgeon uses a variety of metal fittings to fix a bone.

The new technology of fracture healing is as reliable and secure as traditional technique.

Its strength is that it reduces risks of postoperative complications. It also minimizes risks of infection and manifestation of side effects from anesthesia, as it is not required to produce general anesthesia, which eliminates a possibility of falling into a coma and so on.

From an aesthetic point of view, this operation is more forgiving, since due to a small incision there will be no sloppy scars.

It is planned that this technique will be used for surgical treatment of bone fractures that do not exercise strong pressure. For example, bones of the upper limb or fibula.

Harden polymers – the best clips for a bone.

A traditional method of complex fracture treatment, involves the use of special steel or titanium plates, pins and other metal fasteners.

The Surgery Hospital “Rambam” replaced such metal fastening material with special ones. Normally this material has a liquid form. When getting onto a bone, this substance can take any desired shape and fill all small bone damages.

The polymerization reaction on liquid material which containing monomeric compounds, occurs under the influence of a light beam with a specific wavelength. Characteristics of the substance begin to change under the influence of the light beam: it becomes hard and captures elements of bones.