Personal approach for each patient

What makes us different from others? We do not work with patients using one and the same scheme, each person is a separate world, that needs an individual approach

Selection of the best doctors in Israeli hospitals

Selecting the best doctors in Israeli hospitals, we will help you in choosing the best specialist. Without exaggeration, all our doctors are luminaries in the world of medicine.

The cure for cancer in Israel

60% of all cancer patients treated in Israel are in a state of COMPLETE REMISSION

The most effective treatment for cancer in the world

90 out of 100 patients with early stage of cancer return to normal life. The death rate from cancer and heart disease in Israel is among the lowest in the OECD

Special attention to children

Every day Israeli medicine is improving, inventing innovative technologies for treatment and early detection of serious childhood diseases.

 Medical Treatment in Israel

Dr. Levit Medical Tourism successfully helps many patients to go through complicated medical procedures that are not available in most countries, at an affordable price. Innovative methods of cancer treatment, IVF, neurosurgical and orthopedic surgery in the best Israeli clinics with leading specialists with outstanding worldwide reputation.

Best Prices

In Israel, the highest level of medicine is combined with affordability. Thus, the cost for a coronary artery bypass surgery is 73-83% lower than in the USA.

Especially for Our Chineese Partners


Ichilov Hospital

The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) is not only the largest health center but also a scientific one. 1050 beds located in 3 hospitals, plus 60 different offices and institutions, and about 150 outpatient clinics.

Our services

We fully organize treatment and stay in Israel, starting with selection of the most appropriate medical facility and collection of documents required for arrival in the country, up to the solution of all vital issues that arise during treatment, namely: accommodation, transport, maintenance, tourist trips and much more.

Meeting and support

Registration, transfer, full support If you need help in making insur...

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Full diagnostics

Israel is rightfully occupies a leading position among the countries w...

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Choosing a hospital

The work of all hospitals, private and public ones, is strictly contro...

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Field sessions

To get expert advice of leading Israeli doctors one does not need to g...

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Individual naturopathic methods of rehabilitation after undergone surg...

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Medproject1 Medical Tourism always helps to sellect suitable housing...

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Our Doctors

Israeli doctors are among the best in the world. We work with leading experts in neurology, neurosurgery, oncology, and cardiology. Here you can find some information about leading sureons of Israeli medical centres we are working with. For a full list of specialists, please contact our representative.

Dr. Felix Bokstein

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Prof. Shlomi Konstantini

Children Neurosurgery

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Dr. Eric Finkelstein


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Prof. Michael Scheflan

 Plastic Surgery

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Why Us?

What differs us from other Israeli clinics and companies?

About Us

Sooner or later every person has to look for medical help.
It is important to get an appointment with an experienced and knowledgeable specialist.