Radiotherapeutic Irradiator vs Cancer

The most effective and safest radiotherapeutic irradiator

The Israeli hospitals have a unique advanced radiotherapeutic irradiator. The innovative linear accelerator used in the irradiation of cancer patients has the highest precision the impact that allows to reduce the side effects to the most minimal phenomena. For cancer patients the irradiator has many advantages.

Computer system using the Monte Carlo method, calculates the area of exposure most closely, allowing work directly to the affected tissue. As a result, it applied the minimum damage to neighboring organs and tissues of the patient. Cancer treatment is carried out most successfully, reducing the recovery period.


A revolutionary method of treatment and diagnosis of cancer – POSITRON EMISSION TOMOGRAPHY

Cancer treatment requires constant improvements in technology. Scientists around the world every day to develop new effective techniques that contribute to a successful fight against disease.

In Israel, for the treatment of tumors is widely used innovative imaging technology for cancer.

Visualization is carried out using a special apparatus – positron emission tomography. The device serves to provide physicians an accurate and detailed information on the state of internal organs and tumors and tissues of the human body.

Light Can Cure

Intense Pulsed Light Device

Clinics and medical centers of Israel have amazing opportunities for treating and rehabilitating patients with severe diseases. The greatest progress has been made by Israeli doctors and scientists in treatment of various types cancer. Tel – Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa clinics were the first to obtain impressive results from operations with laser operating systems by using computer diagnostics to detect breast cancer in its early stages.

Impressive results have been obtained by the use of intense pulse light. The source of electromagnetic radiation with a wide ultraviolet wavelength range is applied for treatment.

Innovations: the treatment of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease

“Azilect” Medicament

This is a unique innovative drug of Israeli scientists and physicians for the treatment of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. It was made quite recently – in 2010, and today is a recognized and widely used in the world-known clinics. The degree of relevance of this event can hardly be overestimated: every year in the United States they record about 50 thousand new cases of Parkinson’s disease…

It progresses with age, resulting in central nervous system misbalance, motor coordination dysfunctions, and slowing physiological processes. All this makes a patient with such a diagnosis, dependent, sometimes helpless, the disease reduces vitality and mood.


What is the effect of the drug?

Among the most visible and tangible results – the restoration of motor responses, improving coordination, significant slowing of disease progression.

Each tablet contained 1 mg of Rasagiline – as a basic substance. Auxiliaries are: mannitol, colloidal silicon dioxide, corn starch, stearic acid, talc. This drug has received FDA approval, it is a form of monoamine oxidase inhibitors of Type B. Clinical tests have been made in the course of which about a thousand people from around the world were involved. The most common side effects identified include: dyskinesia, hallucinations, low blood pressure.

NaNose – Sniffing Cancer

Israeli medicine is always at the forefront of treating the most severe diseases, a recognized world leader which applies latest technological inventions in everyday practice.

One of the most interesting nano inventions of recent years has been development of a system for diagnosing cancer tumors in a neck, a head and lungs. This group of cancer includes:

  • Oropharynx (the tumor affects the base of a tongue, soft palate, rear and side walls of a pharynx);
  • Thyroid;
  • Brain;
  • Entire dento-facial systems.

The author of an invention named NA – NOSE ( “artificial nose”), is a professor at the University of Haifa – Hosam Haik. A whole team of physicians and scientists of the Engineering Chemistry Faculty of the Israel Institute of Technology have been working on the creation of the device.

ReWalk – To refuse from a wheelchair? It’s possible!

Israeli scientists have developed another innovation – ReWalk system that allows even patients with paralysis of the lower body move independently and lead a full life.


This mechanism is developed by Israeli company Argo Medical Technologies, is specially designed with electronically controlled legs. Supporters “skeletons” with special sensors are worn on feet, they react on changes of the body’s gravity center, giving an opportunity to sit down and get up, move around, even climb on the stair – without any help. Handholds of the ergo-skeleton   are special sticks with armrests.

This innovation has already aroused great interest abroad. Currently specialists are trying to make a system to sell such devices by individual orders, now the system is used effectively in rehabilitation centers. This system is designed for those who operate upper limbs and paralyzed only on the lower, but ReWalk is still modernizing – scientists are trying to adopt it for those who are completely paralyzed.

How does Re-Walk System work?

Special Sensors are implemented into a device, they are sensitive to body forward tilt, whereby a signal is broadcasted to devices serving footrest. When a patient is ready to take a step, he shifts the center of gravity on the support structure, and the mechanism begins to “go”. This principle of operation brings the sensor unit to a normal physiological mechanism of motion, when the motion pulses are transmitted unconsciously. The system includes a special backpack with a battery, which is placed behind the patient – thanks to this battery he or she can move around without a break about three and a half hours.

The most accurate X-rays: O-ARM

 Innovations in Israeli medicine: the use of O-ARM machine


Among other medical innovations and achievements a unique development – the O-ARM machine, a three-dimensional X-ray robot system, is successfully used in Israel.

This device was first used in the Israeli clinic “Assuta”. With the help of this automated system accuracy of any  X-ray examination, done parallelly with an operation, increases. It virtually eliminates risks of re-operating. Real-time image shows anatomical structures, it has a very high accuracy and quality that gives doctors possibility of continuous and effective control of each step of a medical procedure.

The device has automatic control, it is used during operations on the spine, pelvis, operations related to injuries of joints, and other orthopedic procedures. With this unique system one can explore almost any area of a body: a large area of tissue and the smallest local areas.

Benefits of O-ARM system:


Cutting Cancer – Innovative Cyber Knife

Innovative technology treatment of brain tumors: Gamma Knife, CyberKnife

Modern methods of treatment of brain cancer has become much more effective and painless. Today, the most popular are technologies such as gamma knife and cyber knife, successfully treating malignant and benign tumors.

Effective treatment of brain cancer – GammaKnife.

Gamma Knife radiosurgery technology relates to the treatment of cancer. When used, the tumor is irradiated with gamma radiation, substantially without affecting cancer cells unaffected. This procedure refers to a minimally invasive technology that helps the most hard-to-reach tumors. Apply it to treat tumors up to 3.5 cm.