Robot Will Cure Back

Robot Will Cure Back

Mazor Robot Assists Surgeons In Israel

Israeli medicine achievements impress doctors and patients worldwide.

One of the latest achievements in the field of spinal surgery was the invention of Israeli specialists from Mazor Robotics Company, it is robot – assistant. It helps obtaining more accurate results in operations on a spine. The invention was awarded a certificate for impressive results obtained from the robot participating in corrective spinal surgery, and reducing the amount of X-ray examination to the fantastic figure – 80%. Israeli medical centers and clinics have implemented a new method of carrying out operations on a spinal column with assisting Mazor robots.

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The obvious advantage of using robots for operations on the spine is that the level  accuracy is so high that it cannot be obtained by human surgeons, in this case only high-technology robot can such accurate results of operation. In contrast to operations carried out by surgeons almost blindly, robots are virtually error-free. In addition, the robot has been successfully used for the preliminary examination of a patient, allowing a more detailed plan for the upcoming operation.

Features of Spinal Surgery

Annually hundreds of patients worldwide lie on operating table due to a need for spinal surgery.

The major types of spinal surgical interventions are two:

  1. Implantation, as an implant holds the spine in a correct position;
  2. Operations for removal of herniated discs.

Both operations require a jeweler work of a surgeon, in medicine they are referred to high precision surgery, since slightest wrong move can cause irreparable destruction of nerve fibers.

With the help of a Mazor robot several thousand operations on the spine have been conducted, no irreversible consequences for patients were fixed. In normal practice all kinds of cases of postoperative complications are recorded annually, followed by disability of a patient.

Mazor robot is so precise thanks to built CT scans, allowing to create a 3D – image of an affected area and then to accurately set an implant in the specified area of the spine.

Abilities of Robot – Assistant

During operations this mechanism helps a surgeon in following:

  • Source material for subsequent biopsy is prepared more accurately, without damaging adjacent tissue sections;
  • Implants are entered into a spine as accurately as possible through a microscopic hole;
  • Possibility of damaging central vessels is reduced to a minimum;
  • There is practically no chance of damaging nerves located between the vertebrae.

Operations with Robot Mazor: main stages

In order to experience and understand innovative influence of robotics in spinal operations, it is necessary to represent the entire course of spinal surgery in detail, which can be schematically represented as follows:

  1. Plan Stage of an operation. A surgeon step by step makes a plan for an entire operation in the 3D layout .
  2. Support Fixation Stage. A surgeon fixes a rod above the operated location, it is support for high-precision surgery during the entire operation.
  3. Synchronization Stage. Both images with reduced fluoroscopy are combined into a single image using 3D graphics.
  4. Operation Stage. The surgeon install the implant at a predetermined location.

Mazor Robot is constantly helping Israeli doctors to return to normal life thousands of patients assisting in high-precision operations.