Bioweld – unique technology of connecting tissues without scars

Bioweld – unique technology of connecting tissues without scars

Israeli medical technology has always been progressive. Recently, little-known company IonMed with two brothers as its founders – Amnon and Ronen Lam, offered the world a unique device that can “sew” serious surgical wounds without bioresorbable thread using the BioWeld Tube in conjunction with a surgical glue (butyl-2-cyanoacrylate) in performing sutureless venous microanastomoses.

This unique advanced technology has opened shiny skyline for surgery. A unique device – BioWeld, contacting with surgical wound anastomoses it, virtually reducing development of scar tissue. This device will be used during all cesarean section, gradually it will become an indispensable tool for all cosmetic surgeons. It will be also useful for treatment of patients with burn wounds.


This unique revolutionary device was invented in 2013 by talented Ronen Lam. For a long time the invention was kept as a secret. Today specialists started using it in surgery. The price for one tool in 2013 was £ 2,500. Today, the price is even higher due to its increased popularity.

BioWeld uses forty-degree plasma. This contact is essential for rapid wound healing. Contacting with a surgical wound, BioWeld with the help of plasma forms a solid barely visible film made of specific sweetening agent. As a result tissues anastomose and contract rapidly. Another advantage of this technology is complete painlessness. Recently three clinical trials involving BioWeld device has been conducted.

Participants of the experiments were pregnant women who were waiting for planned cesarean section. Stunning final results surprised the surgeons: cuts tightened very quickly, cuts bonded so clearly that there were practically no scar tissue due to use of plasma. BioWeld device allowed to sew up the wound after cesarean section within minutes. The device is very easy to use. Therefore, special training for health care workers are not necessary. It is important to say that the technology described above is based on the experience of the Israeli field surgeons.

Multiple studies have shown that plasma, which is actively used by BioWeld – has a wide range of anti-bacterial properties. Its use reduces the risk of infectious lesions. This component is able to strengthen capillaries growth in the affected areas as anastomosed area immediately fills with blood.

Consequently, a wound heals rapidly, probability of huge visible post-operative scars is significantly reduced. Progressive BioWeld device technology allows to make invisible the post-operative area, so that there are no signs of operation!.