Find Cancer On Time

Find Cancer On Time

Guardant 360 Testing

This unique test made a biopsy optional. It can detect presence of cancer cells using their identifying gene. Statistics show that in 97% the results of test coincided with the data obtained during a complex biopsy. In average 3.3 mutations were identified for 1 patient. Medical check conducted with the test, helps to identify malignant tumors of various types. In particular, cancer:

  • Kidneys
  • Lungs
  • Bladder
  • Pancreas
  • Breast
  • Stomach
  • Brain
  • Uterine cervix
  • Prostate
  • Skin

This list of cancer types, detected by the test Guardant 360, is not exhaustive, scientists continue collect the data in the course of global clinical trials.

Test Advantages

One of the best ways to cure cancer, is to find it as early as possible. Everyone knows that the most aggressive forms of cancer can be cured if detected at a very early stage of development. The main problem is that the disease, in most cases, is developing for a long time without any signs, or hiding behind usual discomforts. Test Guardant 360 allows any person to take the test and find in time if he has malignant cells in the body.

Guardant Health specialists using innovative technologies made a genomic study of cells called  “Digital Sequence.” It allows physicians to detect even single molecules with 100% accuracy, as these molecules are involved in tumor genomic changes. These moving cancer cells are able to enter blood even after surgical removal malignancy, and further therapy. Using tests developed by Guardant Health, Israeli experts reveal presence of cancer without painful biopsies.

Previously it was not possible. The biopsy procedure was mandatory. It is conducted and performed up to now in many countries where, unlike Israel, the new technology is not so widespread. During a biopsy they extract patient’s tumor fragment for further analysis. It is very complex, costly and time consuming. In cases of very aggressive forms of a tumor, the results of biopsy may no longer be relevant.

Today Guardant 360 is the only one cancer analysis  conducted by using blood sample and comprehensive study of genomic variants of different cancers stages. This allows physicians to select the appropriate therapy on time, and monitor changes that occur in the course of treatment.

How is it performed? Why the results are important?

  • Such testing is actively carried out in clinics of Israel.
  • To implement it only test Guardant 360 and a pair of tubes with venous blood of a patient is needed.
  • After blood sampling thorough investigation of 150,000 pairs of DNA from 70 clinically important genes is peformed.
  • The result of the analysis shall be delivered to a patient within two weeks.

Deviations in gene Identified during testing is often associated with the body’s response to a particular therapy, they can also trigger the growth of cancer cells. Their study helps Israeli oncologists choose the appropriate therapy, which will be much more effective than traditional chemotherapy, and it will cause less adverse events. Due to the fact that the test Guardant 360 identifies all major changes in genes, such treatment will be individually compiled on an analysis of each patient data.

It is also known that some types of cancer which are successfully treated by selected drugs, at some time start adapting, and no longer respond to them. It happens because of new mutations that require longer use of other drugs. To avoid such occurrences, Guardant 360 Test can be made repeatedly in the course of treatment. This allows to note appearance of new mutations and, accordingly, adjust the treatment on time!

Remember! Performing this test will help you identify presence of malignant cells on time. An early stage detection of disease reduces duration of treatment, which significantly affects the budget.