TOPS system will return back health

TOPS system will return back health

Innovetive TOPS for Stenosis Problem

Among the most frequent reason for back pain named by doctors – orthopedists is a problem of spinal canal narrowing , which is located in the lower back.


The origin of the problem


The narrowing results in an increase of pressure on a spinal cord (stenosis), whereby nerves in a spinal are compressed. “Security system” of the body turns on – nerve roots send signals to the central nervous system, and the person begins to feel more and more aggravated twinges.

The classic method solves stenosis problem with the help of spondylosis surgery allowing to connect several vertebrae together directly to eliminate even a slightest sign of movement between them. The source of pain is eliminated, and it disappears. Such operations until recently have been carried out everywhere.

However, the medicine is constantly evolving, seeking new opportunities for treatment with more modern techniques, involving the latest achievements of science and technology.

About fifteen years ago, experts of the Israeli company Premia Spine expressed their opinion that the classical fusion does not lead to full restoration of a spinal canal, and there was a need to find new ways to restore a spinal canal and to liquidate its narrowing.

Studies carried out in the Company showed that spondylosis did not completely solve the problem of a patient, – even after a surgery there is a risk of its inefficiency. However, the problem demanded a speedy solution, because a huge number of middle-aged people – the most capable and active ones have back problems in one way or another.

The solution was a new development – TOPS System that allowed to change the stenosis treatment approach radically.


Why the new system is innovative?


The researchers decided to use spinal implants, allowing a spine to restore natural elastic operation of all bone and joint structures, including moments of flexion of vertebrae. During surgery, the surgeon removes ill part of the patient’s spine and replace it with an artificial joint made of titanium alloy, which fits naturally into connective tissue of our body and holds remaining parts stable which eliminates possible side effects of surgery.


The company decided not to dwell on its achievements, and try to help patients with severe conditions which did not have satisfying results using TOPS system. In that case, the latest fixing system was developed. It is installed on top of a spine after undergone surgery, and does not allow a disease to spread further up a spine, as in this case a patient might become completely immobilized.

The device is approved for use for adult only because formation of their skeleton is comleted, as well as an entire articular and muscular systems of a body. An artificial organ is small, it is selected individually in each case according to parameters of a patient.

Today, the system is implemented and successfully used in clinics in many European countries. In addition, Premia Spine Company found it necessary to monitor patients treated by the TOPS system a few years ago, to identify possible problems and shortcomings of the system. Applying the latest system provides faster rehabilitation period of a patient, allowing to return to normal life as soon as possible.