Keytruda – Drug Healing Cancer

Keytruda – Drug Healing Cancer

In 2014 last clinical testing of the drug, which once again confirmed its high efficiency in the fight against melanoma, was completed. All documents about the drug were immediately sent to the FDA for approval. There it was granted a wide application for treatment, which at the moment is carried out in clinics in Israel.

FDA called Keytruda Medicine as “medical breakthrough” for its inimitable effect in reducing risks and improving effectiveness of treating severe and rare diseases. This medication has also been listed in priority review, enabling patients to receive high-quality treatment, even when drug tests have not been completed.

Keytruda Treating Melanoma

Keytruda is immune anticancer drug. It is able to direct the immune system of a patient to fight malignancies, acting on PD-1molecules, lowering the barrier function of melanoma cells. Its main treatment area is metastatic melanoma, if other means of its removal has not produced desired results.

FDA permitted use of innovative medication Keytruda (pembrolizumab) as a matter of high priority. It allows to treat patients suffering from growing or unresectable melanoma. The use of this drug are assigned after conducting immunotherapy by ipilimumab, approved by the FDA in 2011. Patients with malignancies with mutating gene BRAF V600, take Keytruda after ipilimumab and BRAF inhibitor that provides blocking of gene provoking mutations.

 The efficacy and safety Keytrudy

The goal of the developers was labeling affected cells for the immune system. It allows the system to identify them as enemies and destroy all without exception, achieving an indisputable victory over the disease.

Tests of the drug in the California  University of Los Angeles have been conducted with patients suffering from progressive. They were given the drug at the usual doses every 21 days. In the course of treatment, it was noted that 24% of patients experienced tumor reduction for more than third. There was no further regrowth. Plus, it was observed that the effect of Keytruda was preserved for several months, in some cases – for more than a year.

The second trial involved nearly fifty people with a rapidly growing tumor, it showed single facts of heavy side effects on vital organs: lungs, intestines, liver. In some cases, there were negative light aspects arising from long-term use of medications such as fatigue, loss of appetite, skin irritation, diarrhea and constipation. Famous Israeli professors confirm high safety of the drug and explain it by the fact that it boosts the immune system without performing a direct impact on the affected cancer cells. This allows Keytruda to cause minimal adverse reactions.

Keytruda Research in Israel

A lot of patients have already been treated with this drug in some medical Israeli institutions as they wish to participate in its trial. During the treatment it has been ascertained that most patients noted improvements, numerous metastases disappeared. Israeli scientists are now actively researching opportunities of Keytruda in fighting with other types of cancer:

  • Lungs

  • Head

  • Neck

  • Bladder

  • Stomach 

As for enumerated cancer types, Keytruda is used only for clinical trials, which are conducted by Israeli experts under supervision of the manufacturer Merck. The use of this medication is officially approved only for the treatment of skin cancer and small cell lung cancer.

Israeli experts are actively searching for patients to participate in trials. To do this, one need to address to the clinic. Specialists might prescribe the medication if necessary and only in case of patient’s consent. It is possible to buy Keytruda only with prescription from an oncologist, another distribution is illegal.

Cancer – is not a sentence. Israeli experts have proved it by using Keytruda which helped many people totally forget about the disease and return to normal life.