Unique method of cetheterization

Unique method of cetheterization

Portico Transcatheter Valve System

Among all the achievements of modern medicine there are several, the introduction of which not only supports human health, but also prolongs his life. Smooth running our main “engine” guarantees a support of all life systems, and coordinated work of the whole organism.

For a long time, cardiology was associated with many hours of open heart surgery under general anesthesia for restoration of normal heart functioning. However 100% success of its outcome was not guaranteed. During an operation a surgeon has to install a valve in its right place with a jeweler’s precision. If it was installed incorrectly, a specialist was not able to correct it any more, the operation wouldn’t give the expected effect, rehabilitation process instead of an expected positive result could get out of control and cause complications.

Israeli doctors worked hard for several years to find an optimal alternative for heart valve replacement, and most recently, their efforts were successful.

A few years ago Israely surgeons and scientist presented Portico  transcatheter valve system.

The first operation using valve “Portico” was held in Tel – Aviv in February 2014, in a Medical Center Ichilov, by the head of catheterization department – Dr. Ariel Finkelstein.

Applying the development of the American Company “Saint Jude”, Israeli surgeons have carried out the world’s first operation to install a new valve of the second generation, called “Portico”.

The device is designed for surgical treatment of aortic valve stenosis. Every twentieth aged inhabitant in Israel has such a diagnosis, so there is an urgent need to develop the newest product. Great novelty of Portico is in the way it is installed – by catheterization.

  • “Portico” for the first time made it possible for a surgeon doctor to install a valve as accurately as possible, thus giving him a chance for a “second attempt” – if a surgeon can not put a valve into place immediately, so he has an ability to remove a valve, return it to a transport bag and repeat the installation. Thus extreme precision of replacement is achieved and a new high-quality mechanism will be working well instead of exhaust valve.

  • Moreover, during installation process, a conducting system of a heart is not affected at all, thereby minimizing a possibility of side effects and unforeseen complications in future.

  • Currently, surgery on heart valve replacement, thanks to a new development, is carried out by two surgeons under local anesthesia, time of surgery is reduced from many hours to 40 – 50 minutes.

Stenosis treatment operations with the help of  the new device are successfully conducted by leading physicians of the best hospitals and medical centers in Israel.