Autism, mental retardation, attention deficit disorder

Autism, mental retardation, attention deficit disorder

In most cases we have to deal with children who have a problem of mental retardation and developmental, physical delay, and autism.


Over the past 20 years, the number of children with autistic spectrum disorders, mental retardation and psychological and physical development delay has increased dramatically. According to some sources it is 1 to 150.


What is the reason for such rapid growth?

  1. Change of ecological environment.

  2. Chemicals and synthetic ingredients in foods; extensive use of chemicals in the health facilities.

  3. Air pollution, water pollution.

  4. Intensive vaccination.

  5. Injury during childbirth.

  6. Some kinds of infections.

The major factor of these reasons is a birth trauma. Very often a mother and a grandmother say that the  delivery was easy, and a child was not injured. In most cases, they mean pain relief in labor, often with the help of epidural anesthesia. Mother can experience pain much less, but it disturbs a natural course of a delivery, and we can evidence the situation when a mother is not feeling pain while her baby during birth may experience severe headaches, body aches, pain in his spine, especially if it is pathological childbirth or the size of the head and mother’s pelvis is not matching. This is the strongest stress for the child. In a natural course of childbirth a woman can to some extent adjust to childbirth.


 Feeling the pain, the woman can imagine the pain that her child may feel. This will be an adequate understanding of severity of birth. Anesthesia does not really show a full force and intensity of the impact on the child during, that’s why we hear this answer: “The delivery was normal.” A child can not scream to his mother: “Mom, I have a headache, it hurts.” – He can cry or groan, but we also need to understand it and evaluate his condition correctly. After birth, a child may cry or be anemic. Parents find the explanation: he is crying, because of gases or tummy ache. These children often and strongly belch, and calm down only when sucking the breast. As during sucking headache is reduced, and in their case it is the only cure for a headache. Rather than treat the headache, they cure for stomach by dill water or an enema.


Case Study


 Mom was treating her child with autism. She gave birth to her second child and came to a therapy with a newborn.

To the question: “How does he feel” – he says that – “He is well. But he cries all the time and calms down only when he is eating. ” Dr. Levit offered to make a diagnosis and a cervical spine injury was detected. One easy manipulation after which the child has calmed down and fell asleep.

Since then, the child stopped crying, beating his legs, took stress off his face, started to develop normally. There are lots of such examples. Do not look for an explanation. One need to come for a medical check for consultation, where you can find the cause and cure the child.


Practice has shown that in 100% of cases, the child may have cranial and sometimes traumatic brain injury, and a spinal cord injury due to heavy or pathologically flowing delivery, with adverse pregnancy toxemia, early discharge of amniotic fluid, due to forceps and vacuum use and other factors. In these cases, it affects child’s development, there are pathologies such as imbecility, mental deficiency, autism, mental retardation and developmental delay, hyperactivity, impaired concentration. Strabismus, convulsions, salivation, diseases of a spine (scoliosis, kyphosis), as well as diseases of internal organs, headache, dizziness might also develop. In all cases of an injury central nervous system is suffering. The brain is responsible not only for thinking, memory, analysis, it also regulates all vital body functions and metabolism. In this case pituitary, hypothalamus might be damaged and so on. By squeezing the vagus nerve certain organs and a whole system can suffer. Problems with pancreas, liver, colons and stomach appear. But first areas of our brain which are responsible for thinking and behavior are affected. In such cases developmental delay, and even autism might develop. There is a concept of classic autism and regressive one. We can include here attention deficit disorder as well.


 Regressive autism


Starting from 1 year to 2.5 years after the period of normal development, a child begins to forget words, forget what he could do before, he stops talking, his intellect reduces.


One of the reasons for these conditions is described above.

For 10 years of working with these children Dr. Lev Levit was able to return to a normal state dozens of children. 30% of children who do not take psychotropic drugs, show improvement in the first sessions, and by the end of the treatment they fully recover. 50% of children show significant improvement in psychic and intellectual development. In case of mental retardation and developmental delay efficiency is 85%.


Autism Treatment – Arrive on time is the most important!


Children who take psychotropic drugs are treated considerably heavier. But to achieve a result is also possible. Many children fully recovered, psychotropic drugs were reduced or completely removed. Children began to develop normally.

 In practice, Dr. Lev Levit uses a variety of treatments, depending on reasons that led to a certain state. These are the methods of cranial osteopathy.

In certain cases, author tested methods are used for treatment.


In almost all cases, we achieve positive results.

In all cases, if there is any doubt about the condition of a child, you should come to a primary consultation and get complete information about a child or adult.


We will be glad to help you.

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