Radiotherapeutic Irradiator vs Cancer

Radiotherapeutic Irradiator vs Cancer

The most effective and safest radiotherapeutic irradiator

The Israeli hospitals have a unique advanced radiotherapeutic irradiator. The innovative linear accelerator used in the irradiation of cancer patients has the highest precision the impact that allows to reduce the side effects to the most minimal phenomena. For cancer patients the irradiator has many advantages.

Computer system using the Monte Carlo method, calculates the area of exposure most closely, allowing work directly to the affected tissue. As a result, it applied the minimum damage to neighboring organs and tissues of the patient. Cancer treatment is carried out most successfully, reducing the recovery period.

Nathan Straus, who is the head of the department of radiation cancer therapy in Israel explained: a computational method hitherto not been used in medical institutions and medical institutions, and was only available to NASA. Using the Monte Carlo method in the irradiator possible to solve computational problems until a completely accurate statistical picture. At the same time, significantly reduced the time of the procedure. Provided that during the radiotherapeutic irradiation requires absolute immobility for patients is also a big plus. Ray accelerators equipped with the latest generation of MLC High-Definition system, through which radiation beam is adjusted to the shape of onkoopuholi with the highest accuracy. Healthy organs and tissues while substantially not affected.

The designers have taken care of creating the most favorable conditions for the patient during the procedure of irradiation. Cancer patients are now in the session radiotherapeutic irradiation can watch the picture of the sky and listen to a pleasant melody selected optional irradiated.

The newest type of irradiator Novalis True Beam, produced by the corporation Varian Medical System, which is the most advanced equipment in the world, equipped with the most modern computer technology is able to provide patients with the highest standards of cancer therapy. While only 4 created such ray irradiator, but they are used with maximum efficiency. Many patients with cancer now has a serious chance for a speedy recovery.

The most important use of innovative feed in pediatric oncology. The child’s body is much easier to recover from such a procedure radiotherapy irradiation. Most precise radiation beam only affects the diseased tissue without affecting located near the tissue and organs. The child is recovering fast enough, the rehabilitation process takes less painless.