A revolutionary method of treatment and diagnosis of cancer – POSITRON EMISSION TOMOGRAPHY

Cancer treatment requires constant improvements in technology. Scientists around the world every day to develop new effective techniques that contribute to a successful fight against disease.

In Israel, for the treatment of tumors is widely used innovative imaging technology for cancer.

Visualization is carried out using a special apparatus – positron emission tomography. The device serves to provide physicians an accurate and detailed information on the state of internal organs and tumors and tissues of the human body.

Devices transmit three-dimensional picture of the investigated organ, tracking the location of molecules associated with the radioactive substance. Substances used for communication is called a radionuclide is administered to a patient in small doses during the procedure.

Creating a revolutionary device medicine owes Dr. Lewis and his colleagues. They have the possibility to visualize internal organs and tumors using compounds transferrin with zirconium-89.

Transferrin is a naturally occurring protein in the body. For carrying out imaging was selected because this protein as it is actively absorbed by cancer cells.

By linking with the transferrin-lived zirconium, scientists have been able to achieve excellent image of cancerous tumors. Tests were carried out in murine models of cancer of the prostate.

Vizualization nature of turmors.

Testing apparatus showed that the use of transferrin for visualization can help in the discovery of new technologies study of the biology of cancer.

According to the research, excellent tumor uptake of protein is possible due to the action MYC. MYC oncogene is the strongest, provoking cancer. Oncogene capable of undergoing mutations in different types of tumors.

By imaging using positron emission tomography can measure the activity of an oncogene that contributes to the identification of malignant and benign tumors.

Imaging techniques to diagnose cancer at an early stage before the onset of the primary signs and symptoms of the disease.

Future of positron emission tomography.

At this stage, the use of positron emission tomography is only possible to diagnose cancers of the prostate.

With the help of visualization is possible to increase the success of treatment of prostate cancer, as well as a more efficient and effective treatment of patients. It is planned that in the future with the help of the machine will be able to predict the outcome of surgery to remove the cancer.

Diagnosis of cancer at an early stage is important, because the disease can develop over decades, without showing specific symptoms, or instantly, spreading to other tissues and organs of the human body.

Visualization of cancer to determine the type of tumor and assign treatment in accordance with the rate of disease development.

With the help of innovative technology can be traced to the influence of drugs on the oncogene and draw conclusions about their success.

Now positron emission tomography is being tested in animal models of breast cancer, lymphoma and glioblastoma.

The success of the test will ensure effective treatment of cancer.