Sarcoma Treatment in Israel

Sarcoma Treatment in Israel



This disease is characterized as a derivative of a malignant tumor, which, unlike other types of cancer, reborn from connective tissue cells. In accordance with the location of tissue, we can distinguish bone sarcoma, vessels, cartilage, fat soft tissues sarcoma. In the majority of cases the causes of this disease remain unclear, but in some situations we can talk about radiation or genetic nature of tumor.

This disease has no age restrictions. It is noted that aggressive types as Ewing’s sarcoma and osteosarcoma usually are diagnosed among children. Leiomyosarcoma, chondrosarcoma are common among adults.

The main danger of this disease is its high gravity and metastasization. It can take all sorts of varieties with hundreds of names. This type of tumor often develops in internal organs, in rare cases, such malignancies detected in a neck and head.


Sarcoma Treatment in Israel

Israeli experts eliminate sarcoma by means of surgical procedures. Before and after operative interference auxiliary treatments can be assigned, such as common chemotherapy, radiotherapy. They substantially increase chances of a successful outcome, especially in case of bone sarcomas. Treatment of the disease is always long and can last up to a year.

According to statistics, almost half of patients noted appearance of metastasis after traditional treatment, these metastasis are difficult to treat with chemotherapy. In these cases it is important to select effective immunotherapy that will be decisive for future development of the disease.


 The role of immunotherapy


To treat severe manifestations of the disease, which are not amenable by conventional therapy, with the consent of a patient, Israeli scientists are using some immune drugs in the course of testing. They are subdivided into 3 groups:

  • Inhibitors (immunomodulators) of immune control points;

  • Adoptive T cell migration;

  • Therapeutic vaccines.

Treatment by immunomodulators is directed to block molecules that provoke violations in the immune response. It helps to activate immune confrontation against diseased cells. This method is considered to be the most important area for scientific research devoted to find an effective treatment of cancer.

  The adaptive T-cell transfer is when patient’s T-cells are removed, then they are subsequently genetically transformed or influenced by drugs that can stimulate their activity. Further, specialists replant transformed cells to the patient and track boosting of the immune function.

Therapeutic vaccines are provocative and they are aimed at stimulating the immune system to fight with tumor antigens, by elimination of cells containing them. There are two types of vaccines:


  1. Those that are based on dendritic cells. They are on the first stage of clinical trials among humans with both soft and bone tissue sarcoma, osteoblastic, and synovial sarcoma;
  2. Vaccine FANG, GM-CSF antigen. They also characterize the first part of clinical trials. They are used to eliminate Ewing’s sarcoma among patients of all ages.


Experimental drugs are constantly improving, all researches are conducted by Israeli doctors in cooperation with the developers of drugs.


 Treatment of Kaposi’s sarcoma


It is considered one of the most frequent types of sarcoma with diagnosed multiple malignant neoplasms of the skin. In some cases, it comes on people with HIV or people suffering from severe manifestations of herpes.

To destroy this type of disease, Israeli doctors are using a range of activities. Almost always, at first Israeli doctors perform manipulations to remove the tumor. Then they prescribe chemotherapy, which allows to fix the result, and to reduce the chance of metastasis. It is possible to use radiotherapy, immunotherapeutic agents. Now Israeli oncologists started increasingly using the latest method – cryotherapy. It exposes cancer cells with liquid nitrogen.


Important! The success of therapy conducted in Israel is largely dependent on the early detection of disease. Therefore, if you already know about your illness, you should not delay the treatment