ReWalk – To refuse from a wheelchair? It’s possible!

ReWalk – To refuse from a wheelchair? It’s possible!

Israeli scientists have developed another innovation – ReWalk system that allows even patients with paralysis of the lower body move independently and lead a full life.


This mechanism is developed by Israeli company Argo Medical Technologies, is specially designed with electronically controlled legs. Supporters “skeletons” with special sensors are worn on feet, they react on changes of the body’s gravity center, giving an opportunity to sit down and get up, move around, even climb on the stair – without any help. Handholds of the ergo-skeleton   are special sticks with armrests.

This innovation has already aroused great interest abroad. Currently specialists are trying to make a system to sell such devices by individual orders, now the system is used effectively in rehabilitation centers. This system is designed for those who operate upper limbs and paralyzed only on the lower, but ReWalk is still modernizing – scientists are trying to adopt it for those who are completely paralyzed.

How does Re-Walk System work?

Special Sensors are implemented into a device, they are sensitive to body forward tilt, whereby a signal is broadcasted to devices serving footrest. When a patient is ready to take a step, he shifts the center of gravity on the support structure, and the mechanism begins to “go”. This principle of operation brings the sensor unit to a normal physiological mechanism of motion, when the motion pulses are transmitted unconsciously. The system includes a special backpack with a battery, which is placed behind the patient – thanks to this battery he or she can move around without a break about three and a half hours.

What are the advantages of using the system?

Firstly, immobilized condition of paralysis is very dangerous: pressure sores might appear, as well as muscle atrophy. A common problem for paralyzed patients with permanent seating is urinary tract diseases. That is why the use of the system Re-Walk, in spite of all the costs of its production, will pay off in any case, given the lack of necessary supportive care for paralyzed people.

Another important factor in the use of tools is its functional capacity: it can be used all day long, it is very mobile and provides virtually freedom of movement for patients with paralysis of the lower limbs.

When moving with ReWalk, the upper part of a body is actively involved into work (arms and shoulders), it provides normal functioning of cardiovascular, urinary, digestive, respiratory systems, and normal bone health.

In addition to all these benefits, patients with paralyzed lower body improves mood, increases vitality, they may feel themselves independent of others assistance, and it is worth saying that mental condition is particularly important when we talk about severe cases of paralysis.

When is it appropriate to  use the system?

The main thing is patient’s rehabilitation process, which are diagnosed with cerebral circulation, brain injury, paralysis of the lower limbs. This device is very effective simulator for those who are forced to re-learn walking.