The most accurate X-rays: O-ARM

The most accurate X-rays: O-ARM

 Innovations in Israeli medicine: the use of O-ARM machine


Among other medical innovations and achievements a unique development – the O-ARM machine, a three-dimensional X-ray robot system, is successfully used in Israel.

This device was first used in the Israeli clinic “Assuta”. With the help of this automated system accuracy of any  X-ray examination, done parallelly with an operation, increases. It virtually eliminates risks of re-operating. Real-time image shows anatomical structures, it has a very high accuracy and quality that gives doctors possibility of continuous and effective control of each step of a medical procedure.

The device has automatic control, it is used during operations on the spine, pelvis, operations related to injuries of joints, and other orthopedic procedures. With this unique system one can explore almost any area of a body: a large area of tissue and the smallest local areas.

Benefits of O-ARM system:


  • The possibility of obtaining a three-dimensional image reduces radiation dose by 65%. In this case, rehabilitation is undergoing much faster. This advantage is important for medical personnel which is protected from excessive doses of radiation.
  • High, unprecedented accuracy of the system reduces risks during operations. Automated control system saves surgeon’s time and eliminates risks of incorrect system configuration. This reduces time of general anesthesia, which has a positive impact on recovery process later.
  • Maximum integrity of soft tissues, thereby reducing recovery time after surgery.
  • Providing quality three-dimensional images directly in the course of operations is invaluable from a medical point of view: for example, you can adjust time of introducing implants, to refuse form repeated doses of radiation for postoperative monitoring. All this factors reduce the rate of complications and re-operation.
  • Convenient configuration of the device, which provides access to a patient on a side that does not violate his comfort.
  • The results of a survey and images can be stored on electronic media, or transmitted via e-mail to another doctor.

This innovative device has been approved by such an authoritative organization as the US Department of Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which made it even more popular in the global medical community.